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TMC: Top 10 Ranked Muds

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1. Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) 681 votes (17T/114H)
2. Sindome 619 votes (3T/29H)
3. Armageddon 604 votes (14T/81H)
4. Aardwolf 467 votes (5T/48H)
5. Legends of the Jedi 460 votes (3T/22H)
6. Forgotten Kingdoms 459 votes (3T/55H)
7. Cleft of Dimensions 447 votes (2T/47H)
8. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 424 votes (1T/23H)
9. 4 Dimensions 330 votes (2T/16H)
10. Waterdeep 318 votes (3T/47H)

The numbers you see beside each entry [ #T/#H ] represent telnet and homepage clicks, these numbers do not count in the ranking calculations

Rankings Last Generated: Sun Apr 22 0:00:02 2018