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    Reviewed Mud: The Inquisition: Legacy
    Review Submitted By: Its_A_Dog_21
    Author Status: Player
    Began on The Inquisition: Legacy: 2-3 years

    The Inquisition: Legacy is a deeply flawed game that
    deserves a shot, but it still is necessary to address
    the problems.

    I was invited to this game some years ago by a
    friend, who does not play anymore due to these

    The good, is that the game tries to at least give a
    semblance of a well balanced RP structure, and it
    does pretty well at it. If you want an RP experience
    without a high focus on combat, and the ability to
    feel accomplished without having to kneecap your
    character entirely.

    The bad, is more varied. Leadership positions are
    available in-game, but you better not count on
    being treated entirely fairly. Most people who play
    the Grand Inquisitor role face constant policy
    cases for basic actions, and a vast majority of
    players attempt to entirely avoid RP with the church
    and sweep the blame on the easier target, the In-
    game Guild leadership. (There are even instances
    of blackballing info against the Leadership roles to
    force them to do as a single person says, whilst
    playing the victim.)

    It has lead to an uncompetitive field of Player
    characters dreading any kind of leadership role
    and those that enjoy it have a tendency to only
    have a honeymoon reaction to it. And staff choices
    to affect the leadership, have made it so that aged
    players are more likely to play roles that are barred
    from leadership, leaving people with empty roles.

    There is also a gigantic problem of people cycling
    through the same roles, and very thinly veiling their
    OOC intent to either Player Kill, or simply play
    the same 'Archmage Voldemort' that goes out of
    their way to try and convince you that it's great
    RP to have characters that you know are the Big
    Bad Warlock, and you know barely any RP will
    surround their actions.

    The player-to-player RP is great, and there are
    some genuinely good people who make this game
    their home. But the reviews for this game are
    getting more negative, with time, and it's genuinely
    worth discussing why that is.

    This review isn't written with sour intentions, but
    more out of worry for the long-term health of the

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