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    Reviewed Mud: Dune
    Review Submitted By: Ferenzic
    Author Status: Player and staff member
    Began on Dune: 1996

    I started on DuneMud way back in 1996. At the time, I had no idea what Dune, as a franchise, even was.
    I was immediately hooked on the mixture of past and future that the Dune universe brings. Now, over
    20 years later, I am still logging into this mud.

    DuneMUD is a very heavily developed mud. Many of the staff are professional programmers with
    many years of coding experience. There are tons of rooms and areas and pieces of equipment to
    Interact with during your journeys. The combat is pretty highly developed and the Combat is very

    There are currently 10 guilds, which act as your class in this game. You don’t choose your guild
    during character creation, which is nice because it allows you to ask people for guidance on
    which guild to choose. What I will say about the guilds/classes is that they’re pretty much based
    different takes on fighter classes. The dune universe does not have wizards or clerics and there
    really is no magic. In the Dune universe, everything is based on selective breeding to create
    different types of super soldiers.

    I can’t tell you just how awesome this mud is. Definitely give this one a try and you won’t
    be disappointed.

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