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    Reviewed Mud: Armageddon
    Review Submitted By: Lucid
    Author Status: Player
    Began on Armageddon: September 2017

    A staff member sends:
    'You're being banned for participating on a forum responsible for
    stealing and distributing Armageddon's code.'

    wish all What forum?


    *record scratch* *freeze frame*
    Yeah, that's me. I bet right now you're wondering how I got here.
    Honestly, so am I.

    I started playing Armageddon about six months ago. I saw it was rated
    #1 on this very website, so I figured it was worth a try. What
    appealed to me was the fact that it's been around for almost 30 years
    and that the game has extensive documentation describing just about
    everything in the game.

    Immersing myself into the game was relatively hard. After my first
    character was tricked into following someone into the desert and
    ultimately murdered - they said they were going to lead me to their
    clan compound to hire me - I rolled a second character and decided
    to seek help on their 'live help chat', which is in fact rarely
    staffed by helpers, which results in having to send an email to
    helpers for help.

    I tried asking questions on the Discord and forum,
    but quickly found the Armageddon community to be sycophantic and
    very bizarre. There are weird individual personalities, like the
    player who thinks revenge porn is the victim's fault. There are
    weird collectives, like the Discord sub-group that seems to thrive
    on mocking former players and staff. Yeah, I don't need to make new
    friends by mocking people that aren't part of the group. That's
    the kind of thing you grow out of in high school.

    Then one day, completely at random, I got the above message that I
    opened this review with. I have no idea what this 'forum' is and
    I have no idea how Armageddon's code would be distributed. All I can
    assume is that, because I use a VPN, my IP address clashed with the
    person actually responsible for stealing the code, and they assumed
    it was me.

    Essentially tired of the game at this point, I did not bother to
    appeal. The community is horrid, the staff are insular and paranoid,
    and you will almost certainly be taken advantage of as a newbie.
    Stay far away from this game. The only reason they are #1 on the
    listings is likely because of extensive cheating.

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