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TMC Player Reviews: Elephant Mud

Review Submitted By: Montparnasse
Author Status: Player
Started on Elephant Mud: A month or so ago
Submission Date: Jul 18, 2018
TMC Listing: Elephant Mud

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I have been playing EleMUD for a short while and it's been a great
experience so far. This MUD is extremely addictive, has a rich world
and a very friendly playerbase. There are eight classes to choose
from, each with a different playstyle and 12 different races so it's
fair to say that there is a lot of potential for customization. Add to
this heaps of weapon types and equipment to choose from and dozens of
skills as well as the possibility to choose a secondary class at
higher levels. The mud is also very polished and the wizards pay a lot
of attention to what the playerbase thinks. I definitely recommend
trying it as it's really a good time . See you in game!

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