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TMC Player Reviews: Erion

Review Submitted By: Tunker
Author Status: Player
Started on Erion: may/june 2018
Submission Date: Jun 20, 2018
TMC Listing: Erion

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A new-to-me challenge
I have recently adopted the challenge of playing PermaDead characters
at Erion Mud and thought it might be of interest to others.

a bit of background:
1) Erion is true hack and slash. I actually like rp, but it is
non-existant here. enuff said.

2) The head imm is, in a word, incredible. If you board a good idea,
it will probably be implemented within 24 hours AND you get rewarded.
(similarly, bugs are fixed pdq, and you get the same reward).

3) there are multiple currencies available, and they are each useful
in their way. The major currencies include gold, house points (mostly
from slashing), quest points (mostly from auto questing), and champion
coins (from the colosseum, but you need gold to buy a ticket to
compete in the colosseum). The minor currencies you can discover for

4) That said, there are a lot of word games happening (think
scrabble). These games will give you quest points which are needed for
some of the über eq and to make your life generally better. (hint:
look for the hangman game!)

5) You cannot have multiple toons (i.e. chars) logged in
simultaneously, but toon hopping is rampant. so make a couple of
toons, one for testing, the other for PD.

6) there is an extensive list of TOGGLE options.. one of which is
Hardcore. Toggle Hardcore makes the mobs tougher, but it gives you
more xp (and more house points) per kill. use H/C for your test
char… and be careful when using it with your PD char.

There is a lot of nuance to building a PD char… I am going to leave
it for you to discover.

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