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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Anonymous
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: 2016
Submission Date: Jun 16, 2018
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Anonymous] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

The Inquisition: Legacy is a serious roleplay MUD based in a medieval
world with a twist: magic is real, and highly illegal. If you are
looking for a quality roleplay experience that's highly supported by
code, this is it. However, TI suffers from horrendous mismanagement
that is running it into the ground. Great code, horrible admin.

This MUD has an incredible amount of custom code geared towards
encouraging and improving RP. It really feels like this game is FOR
roleplay, rather than a hack-and-slash MUD with a little RP on the

Instead of earning XP by killing things, you earn RPXP by roleplaying
with other people. Your gain rate is boosted by certain things, like
using the 'think' command to get fully immersed, using sneaky
'hemotes' (hidden emotes), setting your action, and roleplaying in
public places. This feature is great because you can earn XP even if
you aren't a combat-oriented character.

Emotes are incredibly versatile and in third-person, eliminating all
of the awkward grammar issues that plague other RPIs. You can set an
'action' to help others in the room get a good idea of how your
character is posed (i.e. Steve is lying on the ground). Any player can
set a 'mood' in any room, which is kind of like a temporary, custom
description. You can use this to leave evidence of recent events, or
give an idea of what the atmosphere is like (i.e. patrons chat happily
at the bar, stepping over dried blood staining the floorboards). RP
can be slow, averaging 5-10 minutes per emote, but as a result is
highly detailed and the prose is enjoyable.

There are fantastic opportunities for asynchronous RP - that is, you
have a lot of options for roleplaying with folks who aren't online at
the same time as you. You can send a letter using the ingame mail
system. You can start a rumor about someone or something, which other
players might hear in bars and such from time to time - and other
players can pitch in their opinions on the rumor. They can also use
their political influence to quash a rumor they don't like - or
encourage its spread throughout the grid. There's an IC Events board,
which is updated with details major events that you might have missed,
such as an assassination, a coronation, or a party. It's really
difficult to feel like you're missing out or out of the loop, because
news proliferates so easily in this game.

If you really enjoyed someone's RP, you can write them a recommend,
which will award them some QP based on how much staff thinks they

There's standardized staff assistance via code-supported RPAs
(RolePlay Assistance). Staff assistance for roleplay purposes cost a
certain amount of QP, which are pretty much Good Boy Points: you earn
them from running great stories, receiving or writing recommends,
submitting bug reports, etc. There's also a fully fleshed Plot system
that lets you work with staff over a longer period to support a plot
you're running.

There's an in-depth political influence system. Players earn a
number of Influence Points (IP) every week depending on a number of
facts including their status with a guild, and their societal class.
Players can support or other players to help them generate more IP, or
subvert them to reduce their influence! Players use IP to influence
rumors, vote in elections, or influence a Guildleader's reputation
(if that falls too low, they could lose their position!)

You can design and build your own player homes and shops via
submitting a request to staff, who deduct silver from you based on how
large/elaborate the construction is. New characters get a free 1-room
player home with a locking door.

TI has an amazing newbie friendly culture - and honestly? The code is
100% responsible for this. Players gain more XP for RPing with
newbies. Newbies are colored blue and have a special 'protection'
status where established players can't pick on them too much - and
this is enforced with policy. Newbies get their free home, as
mentioned previously. And it's trivially easy to find roleplay,
because people also get an XP bonus for RPing in public places.
Newbies can go back to character generation at any time to fine-tune
their character, until their newbie protection drops.

And now onto the bad - let me preface this by saying that I'm not
some malcontent who got shunned by a staff member and is now out to
whine through any channels necessary. I've never been banned, I've
never had a friend banned. I've never been involved in a serious
policy case, and I'm an active player. But I HAVE witnessed a lot of
troubling behaviors that make the game less enjoyable to play, and
I've witnessed several excellent roleplayers and storytellers walk
out the door because of Kinaed.

Kinaed is TI's head admin, and people who criticize her or express
opposing viewpoints tend to end up on The List. As a result, players
rarely speak up out of fear of retaliation. She is wildly out of touch
with the needs of the game. If players object to an upcoming change,
the thread is usually locked and she implements it anyway.

Staff claim to keep interference to a minimum, but this is complete
and utter bullshit. Kinaed couldn't keep her thumb out of the pie if
she tried. There is an in-character gambit system used to replace
guildleaders who are bad or inactive, and it works pretty well. Staff
bypassed this system to manually remove the two Guildleaders of the
Holy Order guild without any warning (I can only assume because they
earned themselves a place on The List). This guild then went on to
suffer from revolving-door leadership for close to A YEAR because
there was simply nobody else willing to do the job. Staff are solely
responsible for that. After a while, Kinaed appointed herself as
Guildleader. It's honestly disgusting.

Around this time, Kinaed also dismantled the Rubeus Manus (the
mage's guild), after driving away most of the great storytellers who
made up that guild. She cited lack of members, though there were
people willing to help build it back up, and there are plenty of other
guilds that have suffered from this problem. The Order and the Reeves
have historically had little or no members. Staff have singlehandedly
sabotaged or deleted the two guilds that were central to the theme of
this game: The Order and the Rubeus Manus. The everlasting struggle
between knights and mages was CORE TO THE THEME OF THE GAME.

If that wasn't enough, Kinaed recently removed dual-guilding from
the game. It was a huge, sudden change that was implemented with no
warning the VERY SAME DAY that we had an OOC meeting. She didn't ask
our opinion because she does not care. No dual-guilding is fine on the
surface - I don't need to be both a Reeve and a Merchant. But it
hurts covert guilds (secret guilds for villains, Rubeus Manus and
Brotherhood). If you're a member of one of those guilds, you can't
also be in a public guild. Not being a member of a public guild is the
single most incriminating piece of evidence in the game. The staff's
response to this is that 'you don't need to be in a guild, plenty of
people are guildless!'. Consider that the pool of suspects has been
effectively reduced by 80%. Kinaed is in denial about her idiotic
change. By the way, players who were already in two guilds have been
grandfathered in, so old players now have an advantage over new
players, forever.

Staff are way too lax on players who repeatedly break the rules. TI
has a huge botting problem, which staff address by removing features
instead of banning players. One player, Prisca, blatantly botted a
money-earning system for freemen so hard that this system was removed
and replaced by Assets, which has its own problems. Prisca still plays
today, and gets to keep her hundreds of thousands of silver. Then
later on she abused the forage system to produce silver coins, which
were removed from the forage pool. Still not banned. What's up with

Two other players that staff eventually did ban for their bullshit
were Ries and Cheena. But these players were allowed to terrorise the
playerbase for an entire year - killing whoever they could, abusing
code to annoy people, metagaming, never RPing with anyone other than
each other, avoiding RP and using 'whoinvis' all the time. I know
several fantastic roleplayers who walked out of The Inquisition
because of this pair. They were tolerated for far too long, and
everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they were finally banned.

As of late, staff have been running the most railroaded plot I have
ever seen. To summarise: >An NPC declares himself the righteous king
>An NPC kills an NPC Queen >NPCs are arrested by players >NPCs are
killed by a player >Player is liquidated/killed by an Admin >Queen is
now dead, NPCs are now dead, literally everyone involved in the plot
is now dead >There are no leads, war with Vavard is now inevitable,
and no player interaction is possible

Why bother? I really don't care to attend events that involve a
single staff member RPing as eight different NPCs, knowing that the
outcome is predetermined.

tl;dr: If Kinaed had a stroke tomorrow and spent the rest of her life
fingerpainting, The Inquisition would improve immensely because it's
an amazing game run by a horrible woman. Niamh is an utter sweetheart,

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