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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Ramketh
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: Fall of 2013
Submission Date: Nov 17, 2017
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Ramketh] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Ateraan is a love/hate MUD/TORG. You love it. You hate it. Sometimes
both at the exact same time. Years later, after four years here
(roughly), I'm still here. My fair share of complaints have been
heard by a lot of staff members. Many know me and how vocal I can be
OOCly when there isn't something I like. Many times staff has helped
me out and remained understanding when they really didn't have a
reason. It's for these reasons that I'm still around, despite taking
a few breaks here and there.

As I said before:It's a love/hate relationship, but that's why I
think that I enjoy it. No game is fun if you win all the time.
Especially if you lose all the time. Many people will point out the
negatives, but seldom do you hear the positives. There's many adages
about this sort of behavior, too.

In the end, love it or hate it, I still play. The combat is fluid and
grand. The players can be fun and unique. The roleplay can be
different if you make it that way, and there's usually an open-end
that allows creativity to some pretty vast extents.

There are some downs however, and some 'ehs' that could go either
way. Some of the downs I would say are... things can get pretty
stagnant. Sometimes an INPC has to be involved to get world roleplay
moving. Usually the INPCs can halt that roleplay if it changes things
a little too much. This, I fear, is a complaint of many.

At the same time... I do understand why it is the way it is. People
can simply be... cruel! They want their buddies to win and their
group. The INPCs have to make the mud fair to everyone, so it isn't
justice to say that this is completely wrong of staff to do. In
essences... It's sort of needed.

Another complaint is new areas. It's been a while. Much has been
promised on that and... we're still (mostly) waiting. Some things
have been added, but it's slow. Is this a big negative? Not really.
There's a lot of places to explore and you can usually find something
to do. They will come (probably) in time. It doesn't really affect
gameplay anyways. It's more a gripe for some older players that have
seen the vast expanses of the current in-game world that is

Another fuss is higher-level powers. This is sort of an
understandable thing to note and Andrew DOES fix them. Let me stress
this: HE DOES FIX THEM. It may take a week, or a month, but they do
get fixed. All my powers thus far, save for the recently acquired
ones... have been fixed and made operational. This is also an
understandable reason. There is only one coder (to my knowledge.) That
being Andrew. Between dealing with complaints, making new areas, and
people getting into the higher levels slowly, it takes time to go down
the 'to do list'.

Let's be honest, you're probably not going to prioritize something
that affects one person compared to something that is affecting
multiple. Priorities.

The game has its ups and downs. I certainly still play despite it
all. If you positively want an experience that is very life-like, then
this is the mud for you. If you want a mud that rewards you with a
huge power-gap if you actually spend the time and effort? This is the
mud for you.

If you're wanting a mud that bends to your demands all the time? You
might want to keep looking, but I mean... good luck with that!

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