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TMC Player Reviews: RoninMUD

Review Submitted By: Fisher
Author Status: Player
Started on RoninMUD: 2002
Submission Date: Sep 11, 2017
TMC Listing: RoninMUD

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Fisher] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

After playing the mud for so many years, i have enjoyed it and it is
always fun to go back.

The mud allows the use of multis (currently we can have 5 current
characters on) and has 9 different classes you can pick from.

Each class also has 2 subclasses as well for more specialization. You
can pick from questing, fulfulling item orders, xp grinding or simply
exploring the world. Areas have been created and revamped over the
years by all of the players. If you dont like your character choice or
want to try something different, there is a remort system in place
that allows you to change your class and gender without having to
start all over. Your XP you have earned is carried over and will allow
you to earn it at an accelerated pace. While the community is somewhat
small, those who are on are helpful and willing to help. Come take a
look and perhaps stay.

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