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TMC Player Reviews: Abandoned Realms

Review Submitted By: Savroth, amoungst others
Author Status: Player
Started on Abandoned Realms: a few days ago.
Submission Date: Aug 27, 2017
TMC Listing: Abandoned Realms

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Savroth, amoungst others] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Hello, Many in the realms know me as Savroth. I am a newbie to this game, and boy do I feel it.
But best of all, the playerbase and imm base are helping me along with this wonderful game whilst still being in character.

The realms are populated with a myriad of races and classes. From spell-slingers, rogue types. To berserkers and monks.
Where this game shines is it's varity. You wish to be a giant of dark decent. Become a Jotun darkknight. You wish to fight
the doom and gloom as a warrior of the light become a paladin! You wish to toss axes the size of your opponent, be a
minotaur! They even have racial legacys, which reward certain race class combos with certain bonus skills and other
bonuses. By no means are they game-breaking, but might add that edge you wish for flavor or playstyle.

Whilst our player-base is currently small, we would welcome you with both open arms, and good role-play.
I've been mudding 8 years, and this one is easily one of the top 5 best in my memory. Please, come
give us a visit. You may find yourself a fan aswell.

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