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TMC Player Reviews: Sindome

Review Submitted By: Galadriel Alatariel
Author Status: Player
Started on Sindome: December 2016
Submission Date: Dec 5, 2016
TMC Listing: Sindome

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Galadriel Alatariel] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I am still a new player on Sindome MOO as of this writing. However, a
friend of mine suggested the game for productivity and an outlet for
my imagination. He was correct that I, an avid role-player, would
probably like it!

Sindome is a role-playing enforced game set in a dystopian cyberpunk
world. The play area, Withmore City, is extremely detailed and sparks
the imagination with no need for pictures. It is also a huge world,
from what I have explored so far. The dome, which is a slang word
referencing the city's shape, is divided into different levels where
different classes of people and powers populate. All player characters
begin as immigrants to the city but can accomplish almost anything
they would like to from there. All it requires is trying.

Staff is very helpful, in my experience. They are also attentive to
what is happening in the game world. If you interact with a NPC, staff
may animate them and interact in return. This is unique to me and
opens up many opportunities. Staff is busy handling things for many
players, so it is important to be patient when you need them.

I do not have any personal negatives to report about Sindome MOO.
However, I went in somewhat knowing what to expect. I would warn
potential players who prefer consensual role-playing games that
Sindome is non-consent. Permanent character death can happen, but
cloning offers a safety net. Other types of negative things can also
happen, but that doesn't mean they won't pass or that nothing
positive will happen for you. Also, many characters are not
politically correct and swearing is commonplace. I do not feel that
Sindome is a game for minors.

I would like to close by praising Sindome MOO for the effort it has
invested into accommodating the impaired. The game has tools which
help me to more easily play, as an impaired person. This made me feel
very welcome where some MUs can be daunting to play.

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