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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Tomas
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: A Year Ago
Submission Date: Jun 27, 2015
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Tomas] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I have been playing on The Inquisition: Legacy for a year now and
it has been a very rewarding experience on a number of levels. The
role playing on the game is fun, inviting and very encouraging. The
code is updated and advanced regularly and the staff of the game are
some of the best I've ever seen on a game.

The theme of the game is one that can be a challenge for some people
as it does lend tis self to conflict. That doesn't mean the game is a
PVP fest by any stretch of the imagination, but it -is- a dangerous world
where the wrong choices/actions can lead to consequences or even death
for your character. The game features a strong main religion with a number
of minor heresies that are being hunted down, allowing for some intriguing
rp surrounding that. It further has a class system where one can play as
a freeman, gentry or noble, each with their own individual benefits and

These basic options combined with a skill based character advancement system
allows for such much customization that you can have most anything you want
for a character and the character can be changed and influenced by ic events
in meaningful ways. I've seen characters start off as combat characters who have
slowly shifted out into other focuses. By not having character classes (as
opposed to social classes) it allows the freedom for characters to change jobs,
and adjust to in character circumstances.

Those same changes can extend to cahgnes in your social class and religion as well.
There is one well known character who started as a freeman pretending to be gentry,
then became gentry in his own right. Later through heavy RP the character rose
to nobility. While it isn't a common occurance changing social classes icly, it
is possible with rp and I think that is a glorious addition. There is a varied
guild system where the joining of guilds encourages rp and is a great way for new
players to get involved in meeting other players. You seek a guild and it sends a
flag that members in that guild can see. You approach them and you find sponsors to
enter the guild and as a result you meet those fellow guild members, getting right
into the player base. The code support of the game is wonderful. Like any mud, there
are always issues, changes of crashes and the like. However, the staff are very quick
to address such issues and they are constantly innovating, expanding the code system
with new features. In recent times they have included two major additions to combat
in terms of ranged combat, support systems for combat, new spells, overhauls of
medicine as well as the introduction of a system known as places, where players can
set up 'places' to speak within a room that talks to those at the place, allowing for
private conversations amidst a larger group. This of course comes with eavesdropping,
allowing for further intrigue in this roleplay focused game.

The staff are, I think, the crowning jewel of a game. In most of the games I've
played on it has been staff conflict with players that has led to many of the
problems I've seen. The staff here however seem to be cut from a different
cloth. Staff rules prevent staff characters from being the top leader of any
guild, preventing them from having ultimate ic and ooc power. Furthermore there
are strict rules about not interfering with your own character or even watching
rp at all unless an active plot event is being run.

The staff have been very fair and they tend to not make hasty decisions.
Regular weekly meetings to discuss recent events and the work of the staff
allows players to stay involved in the game and if they have an issue, speak
about it and shape the course of the game. Sometimes the staff sticks to a
decision that they see as best for the game, but they aren't afraid of changing
their mind if the players want something or it is better. The staff and players
work together to make the game here and there isn't the same level of conflict
as I've seen other places.

Overall the game has just a whole lot going for it, so many things are refined
here and it makes the game very enjoyable. It's definetly worth giving it a try
because what I've shared is only the tip of an iceberg of lore/code
support/quality rp.

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