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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Emma
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: September, 2014
Submission Date: Nov 15, 2014
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Emma] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

For a worn-out administrator of many years ElseMU*, TI: Legacy has been a
breath of fresh air in every possible capacity. I spent probably six weeks
searching in a last ditch effort for someplace to relax and be a player
again, needing an environment judged worthy from an all too critical 'Well
it's not MY game, so it can't be as comfortable as home would be'
perspective. TI: Legacy has become so quickly a home that I've found myself
scheduling in administrative duties ElseMU* around it, just to make sure I
get the chance to regularly play.

Like any game it has positive and negative points, though I should note the
positive so greatly outweigh the negative it's hardly even worth mentioning
points from both sides. I'll try to do so for the sake of neutrality!

Biggest Praises:

- Community/RP: The great majority of players are fantastic roleplayers (we
can toss the mask of 'roleplay' out and just label them writers). The
creativity In Character, in crafting, in scenes, has never failed to compel
me to keep logging in. From the very first scene I stumbled into by accident
with a peg-legged butcher to my eighty-seventh (I do keep track; no idea
why) with the Poet Laudate of the Troubadours last night, every encounter
has been an absolute treat.

- Staff: Though at times they come across as slightly overworked (at no
fault of their own; they're simply invested in the game and it's visible)
I'm literally envious of the Staff on TI. I couldn't find a fault with a
group of such infinitely polite, neutral, hands-off, discreet and
productive people if I tried.

- Theme: Excellent. Flawlessly designed and just as flawlessly
demonstrated. Every culture (of which there are many) seems alive, every
continent in the Kingdom seems real. The capital's conflicts are your own
personal conflicts--no matter who you are, you will be affected in some way,
often, by the flux and flow of the world around you. That Order vs. Mages
isn't a black and white demonstration of good vs. evil (perspective is of
vital importance) is another nod to TI: Legacy's theme. Providing guidelines
without making them so rigid you can't breathe is quite a feat. TI
accomplishes it.

- Grid: Gorgeous room descriptions in all public or semi-public areas.

- Combat, music, acting, singing and all else is done in the moment and
written as you would a pose/emote. Really amazing for immersion and

- Newbie friendly. I can't stress that enough.

Biggest Gripes:

- The movement system kinda drives me nuts. Walking from one room to another
takes a few seconds, which doesn't sound like much until you're doing it. You
can choose to move quicker but have to eat or drink a great deal to do it for
long. A stroll down a couple blocks even at a full-out run probably shouldn't
require a couple loaves of bread to be gobbled down in order to crawl a
little further. You'd end up with a population of immensely chubby people!
Comes down to function vs. realism, of course, and I think in this instance
there's a focus on function. You can mend the problem somewhat by purchasing
a horse and mounting/dismounting (two-tick command strings per mount or
dismount), but they tend to be very expensive and not viable for many
without making it a long-term investment.

- Daily (sometimes more frequent, sometimes less) crashes. Usually the game
pops right back up again and nothing is lost, so no big deal. Crashes tend to
be one of the natural side-effects of a game in constant development.
Sometimes it can be a little sucky, though - For example I lost a few hundred
silver (not a small amount!) retooling, which is basically customizing,
furniture items for my main character's home, organized everything just so
ver the course of hours, logged out for the night and when I came back the
next day there had been a crash and roll-back. My pfile was saved so the
money was still gone, but all the things I'd used it on had vanished. I can't
stress enough how minor an issue the crashes are 9.999/10 times. I'm really
just stretching to find criticism in hopes of coming off as neutral as I can.


Give TI a shot if you haven't before. You're almost guaranteed to find your

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