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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Gregg
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: January of 2013
Submission Date: Dec 28, 2013
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Gregg] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

The Inquisition is a mud based on medieval times where magic is real.
Players have the choice at character generation to be a mage or not.
Also in character generation, a player may choose from one of several
different ethnic backgrounds. With over 50 different skills to choose
from, a player can make just about anything they want. The game also
has several different guilds to join in game, though a player does not
need to if they do not want to. Staff are almost always around to be
able to help in matters, ranging from a question, to actually help
setting up an event. The game has a storyteller system that allows a
player to set up their own little event in much the same way a DM
would set up a game in table top gaming. Everyone in the game is
helpful, staff and players alike, if you ever need a question
answered, just ask, and someone will have an answer for you. The game
itself has been around for over a decade, I actually played it back
then. I returned in the beginning of 2013, and though the game changed
slightly, and had different staff, it was still as much fun as I
remembered it being. Every saturday, the staff host an OOC meeting
where players and staff can sit and talk about things they would like
to see, or things that they don't seem to like I think anyone that
likes medieval MUDs will find The Inquisition a good game to play.

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