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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Brent Halfred
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: Sept. 2012
Submission Date: Sep 27, 2012
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Brent Halfred] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I have been a player 'The Inquisition' since roughly 2000 or 2001. After several
changes of ownership with minor theme tweaks and some new implementation
of commands and capabilities I find myself back at it's most recent iteration (TI:

If real life hadn't gotten in the way I would have been a player of TI:Legacy con-
tinuously from the beginning. The player base, staff and richness of content can
't be matched by any other multiplayer roleplaying game in existance. Yes, I re-
ally mean that!

TI: Legacy is roughly based upon a long term fight between magic and religion
and has a very unique, detailed theme. The entire world, all rooms, storyline and
the rest of the content is original as far as I can tell.

Be forewarned, roleplay isn't encouraged.. It's mandatory but you'll find TI:Legacy
has some of the most understanding, patient and newbie-friendly players around.

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