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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Takta (via Kinaed)
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: 2011
Submission Date: Aug 26, 2012
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Takta (via Kinaed)] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

PREFACE by Kinaed: This review was written by our staff member &
player, Takta. Unfortunately, she had technical issues posting it,
so I offered to do so on her behalf. The rest of this review is
Takta's words:

The Inquisition: Legacy is a game like no other. It combines the
interesting and in-depth code functionality of a MUD with the
roleplay-intensive style of a MUSH. With a friendly, mature
playerbase that welcomes new players, a wealth of custom systems
designed to add depth and fun to gameplay, an active and helpful
staff, and an original theme suited to great RP - it has a lot to
offer anyone.

The Playerbase: TI is pretty active, particularly during peak hours
for EST players (after 8 pm EST or so). However, we have several
players in GMT and Australian time zones, making RP available in
off-peak hours as well. Quiet nights average 10 or so people on the
wholist; busy nights can be upwards of 30.

Players are friendly and helpful, welcoming new players and trying to
be inclusive. Also, the quality of RP on TI stands out even among
RP-enforced games, with many of our players very experienced
roleplayers and good sports.

Custom Systems: TI has multiple systems that are very unlike the
standard stock ROM MUDs you see around - in fact, though its codebase
is ROM, it's hardly recognizable. Here's a brief list of some of the
game's unique systems (and it's only the tip of the iceberg!) :

* The combat system is based around combat emotes, incorporating
strategy in decisions such as weapon choice, range, and rate of
defense versus attack.
* The bounty system allows players to anonymously post for jobs they
want done by the shady underworld figures - for a price.
* The rumor system allows players to disseminate, spread, and refute
gossip about IC events - whether true or exaggerated.
* The magic system is unique and customized, focusing on the energy
of the moons to cast all-original spells with interesting and
RP-generating properties.
* The health system goes beyond HP to model actual, specific wounds
to certain areas of the body that require a doctor's help to treat,
with realistic effects based on severity and wound location.

The Staff: TI is fully staffed with a team of hard-working and active
staffers who prioritize creating a fun game for their players. New
projects are continually underway, with the coder frequently
generating new systems and fixing old ones to include more depth. A
brand-new grid is under construction to allow for more intriguing
roleplay locations, ease of navigation, and top-quality descriptions,
objects and mobs. In general, the staff constantly try to keep the
game improving.

The Theme: TI's theme is set in a world similar to medieval Earth,
but with unique cultures and many departures from actual history. The
roleplay centers around the conflict between the mages and the Holy
Inquisition, which seeks to search them out and burn them at the pyre
- similar to historical witch hunts, but here the magic is real.
There's a wealth of other options to play beyond this central
conflict, including merchants, guards, bards and more.

The theme allows for the exploration of a wealth of interesting
concepts and conflicts: clashes between the philosophies/ways of life
of TI's unique races; the moral issues surrounding a religion that
burns witches to save their souls; tensions between secular and
ecclesiastical authority; the flaws of a rigid class structure that's
difficult, yet still possible, to transcend.

Roleplay can be very dark and dangerous, however. As a non-consensual
game, TI: Legacy does allow things to happen to your character you
may not wish for, or enjoy. Torture, executions and more can and do
happen, and in general the game atmosphere is very gritty. Certain
topics such as rape are prohibited in roleplay in order to ensure an
environment where players can still feel comfortable, however.

Overall, if you're looking for mature, complex roleplay that goes
beyond socialization, you can definitely find it here.

In general, I would strongly recommend TI: Legacy to players who like
great, complex roleplay and unique systems that show how code can
benefit and enrich the roleplaying experience. We're always looking
for new players to come join our world and add to it in new ways;
through good roleplay, any player can rise to a position of power.
Indeed, right now we've got a lot of slots open for players to take
control of powerful roles right out the gate.

Many players have picked up the reins and greatly influenced the
course of the game in TI:Legacy's history; will you be the next?

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