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TMC Player Reviews: Sindome

Review Submitted By: Enigma
Author Status: Player
Started on Sindome: July 24, 2012
Submission Date: Aug 11, 2012
TMC Listing: Sindome

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Enigma] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

So, you’ve stumbled onto Sindome’s listing and you’re wondering what the game is like? I’m hoping I can do it justice.
I’ve been on Sindome for about three weeks now. I played Sindome back in ’06 for about two months on and off and from
what I can tell the structure of the game has vastly improved from when I last experienced it.

I’m going to break my review down into a couple categories such as: Unique Features, Staff, Player Activity,
Roleplaying Opportunities, Things to Know, and Overall Impressions. So without further ado:

[Unique Features]
Sindome has a couple unique features that I’ve not seen anywhere else in a Cyberpunk themed game and I wanted
to highlight them here briefly.

The GRID (Simulated IC Internet through your browser)
The GRID is a very unique and ingenious feature within Sindome. When your character finds the terminal to
Access the Grid, you log into the sindome website with your character’s name and password and
select the ‘Access Grid 2.0’ link and it brings you to the simulated IC network known as the GRID. You
can post on the cities forums, share whats on your mind, find maps to the city’s lower two levels and mail
individuals or corporations. The coding that went behind this was extensive but unfortunately is not
as used as I think it could or should be. Definitely an unique and interesting feature in Sindome.

Job System
Sindome’s Job system is interesting. Starting out, you can do courier missions which help you get a feel
of the city and understand it well. As well, you can work in one of the factories, although the wages
aren’t nearly as good. As you figure out your character and get your footing within the game, you can
send your resume over the GRID to corporations that are offering employment at that time. It’s
something that has to be experienced for sure.

3D Space (Think scaling buildings)
I’ve had personal experience with this and I think it’s an awesome feature. Want to jump from building
to building? Well you can with Sindome’s 3D space feature! Fly through the air in an Aerodyne or
(possibly) plummet to your death when you miss that jump you thought you could make. Gravity is not
always your friend in Sindome.

Customizable Clothing
Looking for that hot piece of clothing that will define your character but it’s not in any shop around
town? Well you can create custom clothing pieces from different materials that are sold from
vending machines around town. And if you are skilled at it, you can even sell your creations to other
players for decent amounts of Chyen (the money of Sindome)

The staff of Sindome are awesome. They are very dedicated to their job and very active both behind the
scenes and ICly helping out with plots and other administrative functions. I haven’t had any bad
experiences with them yet and comparably to other cyberpunk games I’ve played find them to be a cut above
the rest.

[Player Activity]
On good nights, Sindome can be buzzing with up to 20+ players at peak hours of play. When things are
quiet (which is early morning to early afternoon mountain time for me) you can usually find between 2-5
players that are active. So while it’s no 100+ player MU*, it still has enough people to keep everyone
interested and if you decide to give Sindome a try that number will only increase.

[Roleplaying Opportunities]
As I had previously mentioned in the Staff portion of the review, the Staff are involved actively in
creating plots for the players as well in assisting in player-generated plots. Furthermore,
Sindome has a very unique community initiative with the players to generate their own plots. So
between the players and the staff, the chance that you’ll not find yourself in the middle of some
great roleplay will be few and far between.

[Things to Know]
While Sindome doesn’t have a character approval requirement that forces you to wait while they
decide whether or not to let your character play, they do require a theme-accurate history before
you can begin running jobs. So take some time and sit down and think of a good history if you like
what you see. Roleplay works when characters come to life, and they only come to life when you put
some thought into them.

Also, the first two weeks or so will be slow to start, take the time to learn the commands and get a
feel for how you want to have your character fleshed out. As you get used to life in the city of Withmore
you can work towards cementing yourself into the world.

Last but not least, if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask over OOC-Chat or to page an admin for help.
As well, there are a great deal of resources available to you to help you learn the game such as the Newbie
Guide and several helpful help files.

[Overall Impressions]
If you like or are interested in the Cyberpunk theme (think Judge Dredd, Total Recall, The Matrix, Repo
Men), Sindome may be a game that will capture your imagination and contribute to hours of adrenaline
filled fun. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if its influenced you to give Sindome
a try then I look forward to seeing you in the game!

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