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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: VonVulpes
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: Two or three weeks ago
Submission Date: May 14, 2011
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

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Well, where to start?
Whether you want to be rubbing shoulders with the the beautiful
people in the Palace, or slumming it in the church street Almshouse,
there is a massive range of possibilities and roles that you can take

The game isn't designed with rigid classes or factions and instead
allows you as a player to mold your character to fit the role they
are to play in Inquisition's setting as a commoner, a member of the
middle/upper classes, or as one of the nobility and any respective
professions they might carry out.

As a roleplayer, I think my favorite aspect of the game is that
there are no grind-able PVE quests and it's designed as a social game
to encourage the social ecology that is often stilted or missing in
other games. You gain exp through roleplaying and can then use that
exp to improve your character in various ways, primarily their skills
and knowledge, but in other ways too, which I think works well to
represent the effect of 'experience' in its more traditional
meaning. There is however PVP action, and the noticeboards are
littered with the executions of Mages, murder, and the war!

The playerbase is small and friendly and really deserves massive
praise for patiently and kindly answering my thousand newbie questions.
I recently hosted a 'Spring Ball' and it was a great success thanks
to them. Also, worth noting, the Immortals (staff/admin) are really
down to earth and friendly - they're doing this for just like you -
and their passion and enthusiasm for roleplay really shows through in
how the game is run and put together.

As a person considering this game: If you enjoy roleplay for the same
reason as I do, fleshing out a character and exploring a world as that
character, experiencing the real risks of your actions, this game is
certainly for you!

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