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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Jei
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: Since it opened
Submission Date: Jan 21, 2011
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Jei] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

The Inquisition Legacy is a mud unlike any other I have seen before.
The mud revolves around the theme of an ever-present, overpowering
Order, whose job is to find, arrest people, torture them, and burn
them if they are users of magic. These are the good guys.

On the other side of the coin are the magic users themselves, mages
or witches or whatever you would like to call them. They live
oppressed, constantly at war with the Order. These are, despite all
that, the evil guys. They live in secret and walk among everyone else,
doing their best not to be caught, while still learning, teaching and
using the magic that is their own.

The other people in the story are the royal family, the nobility,
merchants, Knights, Mercenaries, Bards, doctors, scholars..
essentially every other class and job you would typically associate
with a medieval setting. Sometimes these people cross the boundary
into mage or Order-member, sometimes they are simply bystanders in the
crossfire, or unwitting pawns of one or the other side.

Let's put the story aside, however, despite the fact that there is a
very rich and complex history to it, and discuss the code aspects of
the game.

First of all, all actions are in character. You do not kill random
people and gain experience and then assume no one will call you out on
it. In fact, you don't gain experience from killing NPCs or PCs at
all. Killing a person IC, be they NPC or PC, is usually a crime and
the PC law enforcement is in place to stop this kind of behavior, just
like in real life. This means if you are a fan of hack and slash, or
PK only muds, you may want to just stop reading here, this isn't for
you. But if you are someone who enjoys a story, enjoys making and
developing a character and putting that character into situations that
test the concepts you had for it, this is the mud for you.

The combat system is unique. It is not turn based, but instead
revolves around your skill ranks(did I mention this is a levelless
mud?) and around the key words you use in special combat emotes, or
cemotes. You fight in this game in a way that is very nice for someone
who likes code-support to show your abilities, but still enjoys the
roleplay of emoting out each attack. You essentially emote the actions
your character takes and your attack is rolled, invisibly, augmented
with your skills, to determine a hit or miss. Further, hitting or
missing is not all, how well you overcome your enemy's defense
affects how hard of a hit and how damaging the attack is. It makes for
very exciting and fun combat, when combat does take place.

Now, I mentioned you don't gain experience by fighting, and you also
don't gain levels. That is because we have a fairly unique system for
gaining experience on The Inquisition Legacy. You gain experience by
talking to, emoting with, and thinking about things in the game. You
do need at least one other person to interact with, but typically you
will get into a long RP session and before you know it you have
experience to use.

Our skills are increased by use, similar to certain video games like
Morrowind/Oblivion. As you use the skill, your skill rank slowly
increases by a percentage. When it is ready to advance, if you have
the experience needed to do so, you gain a rank and become that much
more proficient.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about the magic system from a code
standpoint. However, from what I have seen from being on the other
side of it, I can tell you that there are many paths and spells you
can unlock, and many of them are extremely powerful and cool.

All in all, the Inquisition Legacy is for people who like to
seriously get into a character and roleplay it. I am not going to say
we have tons of quests, or tons of areas to explore, tons of monsters
to destroy, because none of that is the case. However, we do have a
great atmosphere, very dedicated immortals, and a slew of players who
love the art of roleplay and are eager to welcome and integrate new

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