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TMC Player Reviews: DragonRealms

Review Submitted By: Rulae
Author Status: Player
Started on DragonRealms: 2000
Submission Date: Feb 13, 2008
TMC Listing: DragonRealms

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Rulae] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I've been to alot of websites and have played a vast variety of mud
and text-based games, and have learned about each environment through
questions and consistent gameplay, but they all seemed of been lacking
something substantial behind them.

When I play Dragonrealms, I feel that I am part of a larger scheme,
and though i'm but a lowly individual in such an immensely
coordinated community, it does seem that actions I take in one place
can almost always have a definite reaction for someone else in

It is truly hard to come by such professionaly crafted
fantasy-roleplaying games such as Dragonrealms, especially if you are
new to them. There are the Bleach games, the Inuyasha games, the
mystery killer games, the gang war games, the lets have sex with
everyone games, and everything else written that clutters the
internet, that offer little substance other than familiarity in the
subject and the simplicity in gameplay. Dragonrealms offers an
extremely broad variety of paths and options that a character can take
and choose as they go along, giving the game a more sophisticated air
of play as people are able to go about their lives knowing that their
hard work isn't just a carbon copy of the guy sitting next to them.

I feel that most people who play this game learn quite a bit about
how to roleplay in Dragonrealms because this is just what it is, a
serious roleplaying environment. This is the place where, if you have
the will and imagination to create a person with a story behind them
and a future ahead of them, then the only thing that limits you is the
time and effort you put into it. And there aren't just invididuals
with a story behind them, there are whole families as well, with rich
heritage and backgrounds to make you believe that they've been a part
of the the society for many generations.

The bottom line is, this is a place where people do more than just
build a character and level it and make it strong; they create a sound
character of sound quality and mind, gaining friendships with people
over the community and integrating themselves into the mainstream of
economic society, becoming a strong, supportive member of the
community, and a person that everyone knows, and knows about.

I believe that anyone that sits down and takes the time to learn the
simplest of game mechanics of the environment will find themselves
unable to easily turn their backs to this game, dismissing it as
graphic-less nonsense. This is a game worth putting time and effort
into, if not for the rich experience found in moderate to extensive
fantasy roleplaying, then for the many people you will meet along the
journey, alot of whom will bring you insight and understanding to the
game to make it more fun, as well as give you another quality person
to talk to, in and out of game.

I recommend that other people try playing this game; there's a 30
day trial to play, and as I've seen, they do not automatically charge
you to continue playing, but wait until you try to log on again after
you have run out of free days, and gives you the *Option* of paying.
So its a free 30 days of play, without them automatically snatching
from your wallet.

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