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TMC Player Reviews: DragonRealms

Review Submitted By: Jonathan
Author Status: Player
Started on DragonRealms: 2003
Submission Date: Mar 11, 2006
TMC Listing: DragonRealms

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Dragonrealms is one of the most enjoyable and thorough MUDS i have
ever played. Since playing this particular one I have found most others
pale next to it. It is like the difference between a music album that
is put together well by a successful band and an album that isn't so
good put together by a while talented, not so fortunate band.

Dragonrealms has created a formula that blends well and most players
(newbs and the aquainted) should find it to be well structured, with
plenty of story and background, oodles of gaming options, an exquisite
character creation, and very solid gameplay done in after a tasteful

Many elements of other muds including some original ideas and
completely original game history gives the new player a sense of
joining something old. And while there are plenty of old MUDS out
there this one has so many people in it it literally feels like
hopping into a fantasy book of a world bristling with 'traffic' and
you can sometimes feel the hustle and bustle in popular places.

Many experienced and long time players and always new characters and
players combine with it all to create old gristled warriors with the
young new born adventurers.

Leveless and skill based, Regulated and RP influenced ensure you will
not be -dissappointed from the get-go. Huge world (so many rooms you
will never see them all i guarantee!!).

Bottom line looking for the perfect mud or just something new. Bam,
pay to play but it is only 15 a month and the first month is free for
THEY are so confident you will stay and play. As am I.

By Jonathan Haggerty Drysordan...friend of Stilicho

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