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TMC Player Reviews: Sindome

Review Submitted By: Marcus R
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on Sindome: April, 2000
Submission Date: Jan 28, 2004
TMC Listing: Sindome

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Marcus R] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I started MOO/Mudding in the spring of 2000, and one of the
first places I found was Sindome. At the time I was looking
for a text based game with a dark futuristic setting. It did not
take me long to find Sindome, and from the first few minutes
as a guest I was hooked. I've been there exclusively ever
since. When I started, the game was well developed, and
populated with a hearty, if a bit small by some standards,
community of die-hard role players, and a dedicated staff.

It has only grown in scope over the nearly four years I have
been a part of the community. There is a strong, potent
drive for Roleplaying, and a wicked sense of the Cyberpunk
genre that is very rare in the MOO/Mudding world.

Sindome can be hard, fast, and gritty. Over all, it is a great
deal of fun, and has entertained me as a player for a good
long time.

As staff, I have been a member for just over 2 years now,
ranging from duties as a GM to working on large scale
expansions of the game environment and scope. I take
a great deal of pride in working with the Sindome group,
and being a part of a very interesting group of players,
staff, and general hangers-on.

It was my first MOO, and it is the only one that has managed
to keep my attention for more than 2 hours. Definitely
a gem, other wise I'd have blown past long ago.

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