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TMC Player Reviews: DragonRealms

Review Submitted By: Rob McClellan
Author Status: Player
Started on DragonRealms: 3 years back
Submission Date: Apr 30, 2003
TMC Listing: DragonRealms

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Rob McClellan] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Dragonrealms is a great mud. It is a pay to play mud, but after you
try the 30 day trial for free you will see why it is the best mud out
there. The game usually has about 1200 players on after about 5pm EST
on weekdays and all the time on the weekends.

The entire mud is skill based so you aren't stuck fighting creatures
for exp. There is a wide assortment of guilds such as the empaths,
the healers of the realms and transfer the wounds of others unto
themselves, who if they harm a living thing go into shock and lose
their ability to heal others. There are thieves, rangers, bards,
clerics, paladins, warrior mages, moon mages, barbarians, clerics,
and traders. There are also many original races as well as the
classics, halfling, dwarf, etc.

The world is absolutely huge. I have been playing on and off for 3
years now and still have seen very little. My main character is a
trader so I travel from town to town making money and I have yet to
see even off of the first continent, and there are 5 of them.

The players are extremely friendly and unlike all the other muds
there is no newbie school but there are Mentors that are always
available to help you get started and pointed in the right direction.
If you ever have a question just find another player or Mentor.

The thing that attracts me to this game is the fact it is skill based.
If you want to learn to pick and disarm traps and boxes feel free.
Want to learn how to use that two-handed sword or battle axe go right
on. Feel like learning to steal, be my guest (even though it is
dangerous and can be deadly!)

There is PK but it has to be RPed. You can't just go around killing
people all day long. This is enforced. There is also a naming policy
that you must adhere to so you won't be playing the game with players
like BigPimpin, etc. The RP is not enforced but it is highly praised
and can earn you RP points to use on special items and such.

Try Dragonrealms. It is free for the first month and I guarantee you
will love it. They also have a RP enforced version called platinum
and a version that is not enforced at all and anything goes call The

If you ever see Gildok say hi and I will help you the best I can.

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